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Nuevo artículo: «Graphene oxide as inhibitor on the hydrolysis of fats under simulated in vitro duodenal conditions»

Obesity is a global pandemic, thus novel developments that reduce the absorption of fats is of interest. We have evaluated the effect of graphene oxide (GO) on the lipase catalyzed hydrolysis of fats (tributyrin, sunflower and olive oil) under simulated duodenal conditions. Results indicate that the presence of GO in the digestion mixture can inhibit lipase activity up to a 90% of the initial reaction rate, and this inhibition lasts even during 2 h of digestion. The inhibition mechanism seems non competitive and could be opposite to the effect of bile salts, although the direct interaction between GO and the enzyme cannot be discarded. The inhibition is found also in alimentary fats suggesting that GO could be a strong inhibitor for fat hydrolysis.

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